PRESS RELEASE: AZ AG wastes Arizona taxpayer money on legally indefensible claims against DREAMers

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Phoenix, AZ - Today, the Supreme Court of the United States put a final stop to Brovnich’s lengthy and expensive efforts to deny driver’s licenses for DACA recipients. January Contreras, Democratic candidate for Arizona Attorney General, questioned Brnovich’s motivations and use of taxpayer funds.

In 2017, Brnovich closed down the Southern Arizona consumer protection office, and dropped sex crimes charges against a known child-bride polygamist.  But he did find time to pursue an action against DREAMers all the way to the Supreme Court, even after lower courts stated that the case was legally indefensible.

“People want to trust that their Attorney General will be on the right side of the law, not flout our laws when they don't suit his or her partisan agenda,” said Contreras. “He chose to advance an unlawful political agenda at the expense of the taxpayer. Arizonans deserve better”.


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