PRESS RELEASE: Brnovich suddenly believes that there should be debates for AZ AG race

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Contreras continues to be willing to debate Brnovich, after Brnovich spends months refusing

PHOENIX-  January Contreras, a former county and state prosecutor, is running to replace the current Attorney General, Mark Brnovich. So far, Brnovich has only agreed to debate Contreras for one half-hour on Arizona Horizon. After refusing to show up for other public debates or candidate forums, on last night’s one-on-one conversation with the Arizona Republic, Mark Brnovich publicly changed his mind. As early as last weekend, Brnovich cancelled an appearance on Sunday Square Off when he learned his opponent would also be allowed time on the show.

But in last night's interview, Brnovich surprisingly declared that “If someone wants to have a debate with me on the issues, let's have a debate.... let's have a debate on those issues”, and later on said, “We should have a debate about ideas and people should debate records.”.

Attorney General candidate January Contreras responded ''I'm glad that my opponent finally agrees that Arizona voters deserve to hear more from us about the issues they care about like health care and corruption. I hope his actions match his words. The truth is that Brnovich isn't used to being held accountable for the outrageous ways that he's abused his position to help special interests get out of playing by the same rules as everyone else,” Contreras said. “Let's get this debate scheduled so voters really know who they're voting for. This office is too important to allow only 30 minutes of debate."


January Contreras is a former Deputy County Attorney, Assistant Attorney General, and founder of a non-profit for abused and vulnerable kids and youth. She’s running for Attorney General to bring accountability and transparency back to our government, and to put the safety, financial security, and well-being of Arizonans first.

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