PRESS RELEASE: January Contreras speaks out on Brnovich’s ABOR lawsuit

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Phoenix, AZ - Today the Maricopa County Superior Court dismissed Mark Brnovich’s lawsuit against the Arizona Board of Regents regarding university tuition. The lawsuit did not include the state legislature, the body which has the responsibility to allocate funds for the maintenance of public universities. The court confirmed that the Attorney General had no authority to initiate the lawsuit.

"The people of Arizona should not have to foot the bill for a dead-on-arrival lawsuit like this,” Contreras said. “This decision reinforces why Brnovich's lawsuit was a head-scratcher to so many in the legal field -- it's difficult to imagine that he thought it would go anywhere. When I'm Attorney General, we'll treat the office and the law with the dignity it deserves. I will pursue the law, not headlines. We all want to make college affordable, and we should get to work as a state with the legislature, governor and higher education leaders to figure out a realistic way to achieve this.”


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