Press Release: Brnovich bails on Arizona consumers, removing staff and resources from Tucson office

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

Today, News 4 Tucson Investigators broke the news that Attorney General Mark Brnovich is stripping down the consumer protection squad in Southern Arizona, and shipping what’s left to Phoenix. No consumer protection lawyers, paralegals or legal assistants will be working in Tucson by the end of this month.

This means less access to resources that help Arizonans fight against telephone and mail scams, fraudulent solicitations from fake charities and sweepstakes, predatory lending for homes and cars, and unauthorized practices by banks.

“The Attorney General is elected to fight for all of Arizona. This move abandons an important part of our state, and leaves thousands of Arizonans without hometown access to the legal protections they deserve,” said January Contreras.

“This isn’t just a blow to folks in Tucson, it’s a pattern of taking consumer protection resources away from Southern and rural Arizona. I was down in Cochise County and heard over and over that the Attorney General’s office presence has faded under Brnovich.” Contreras added.

“We have very different priorities. I would commit resources to protect consumers all over our state, while he’s wasting taxpayer money defending large corporations like Exxon Mobile. It’s time we had an Attorney General for all of Arizona.”

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