PRESS RELEASE: January Contreras calls on Mark Brnovich to disclose expense of defending dark money

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Phoenix, AZ –  Late last year, Mark Brnovich filed a legal brief in California to protect dark money donors.  The case involves Americans for Prosperity Foundation - a group associated with the Koch Brothers - who refused to disclose information about their donors to an Attorney General in another state. Oral arguments took place last week. 

January Contreras, an experienced prosecutor and candidate for Arizona Attorney General, questioned why Mark Brnovich would use the Office of the Attorney General to keep top donors secret in another state.  She challenged Brnovich to issue a public report identifying how much time and taxpayer money have been spent defending secrecy for dark money donors.

“Brnovich is actively fighting for less transparency at a time when three former Attorneys General and I have stepped forward to endorse an initiative to outlaw dark money in Arizona's elections. Brnovich is so beholden to the big donors who can help him climb the political ladder that he is willing to misuse the Attorney General's Office to protect them”, said Contreras. “The difference could not be more clear.  I won't spend a single minute or taxpayer dollar to hide campaign donors. Brnovich should immediately disclose how much time and taxpayer funds have been spent defending secrecy in this case. If my 89-year-old grandmother has to disclose her identity each time she donates, then certainly we should ensure that the biggest donors comply with same set of rules.”


About January Contreras

January Contreras is a former Deputy County Attorney, Assistant Attorney General, and non-profit executive. She’s running for Attorney General to bring checks and balances back to our government, and to put the safety, financial security, and well-being of Arizonans first. Learn more at

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