PRESS RELEASE: January Contreras Calls Out HB 2153 as Bad News for Fighting Corruption

Phoenix, AZ - January Contreras is calling on current Attorney General Mark Brnovich to speak out against HB 2153, a bill that will weaken anti-corruption investigations.

HB 2153 would prohibit the state Attorney General’s office from issuing a subpoena or conducting an audit to investigate relevant campaign finance violations. The current Attorney General has not publicly spoken out against the bill.

January Contreras, candidate for Arizona Attorney General, said the bill is bad news. “Arizonans have been loud and clear that they want more transparency in elections, not less. This bill gives powerful donors a perpetual get out of jail free card by weakening the Attorney General's ability to go after campaign finance violations. The current Attorney General has been invisible on a bill that literally hamstrings his ability to go after public corruption. No other Attorney General in our state's history would be silent on decreased tools to fight corruption, and I won't be either.”


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