PRESS RELEASE: January Contreras says Arizona should fight against Census undercount

Phoenix, AZ - Losing representation in Congress. Losing funding for federal programs supporting Medicaid. Losing dollars for economic development.  Loss of support for child care. These are just a few of the ways in which Arizonans will get hurt if we allow an undercount in Arizona. One way to guarantee an undercount is by asking people questions that make them afraid to step forward to be counted, and this is exactly what the federal administration is doing by adding a question about citizenship status. Mark Brnovich, Arizona's current Attorney General, is nowhere to be seen as Attorneys General from across the country oppose a question of citizenship on the 2020 US Census.

A question on citizenship is expected to discourage a full count of thousands of Arizona families, including those with mixed immigration status and those who fear reprisal. The Constitution requires the government to get a count of the entire population, regardless of citizenship status. Since 1970, the Census has been conducted without a question of citizenship.

January Contreras, candidate for Arizona Attorney General, called on Brnovich to speak out against this ill-advised Census bureau action. “ A citizenship question designed to intimidate people and thwart a total count is just wrong. It's also unlawful. The state's Attorney General has a duty to fight for Arizona's interests, and should be publicly challenging the addition of this and any other question designed to target people instead of count them.”


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