RELEASE: January Contreras pledges to continue fighting for Arizonans with Pre-Existing Conditions

January Opposes Brnovich's Partisan Attack on Health Care Protections

Phoenix, AZ – January Contreras, a former prosecutor and health policy advisor to Governor Napolitano, is calling on the Arizona Attorney General to stop suing to take away the health care of Arizonans. His lawsuit will be heard in a Texas courtroom tomorrow.

The lawsuit, if successful, will result in hundreds of thousands of Arizonans losing access to health care services, including people with pre-existing health conditions losing protections to access care.

“I served as an advisor to Governor Janet Napolitano, and traveled across our state to meet Arizonans who shared the consequences of their health care struggles with me -- closing down small businesses or going bankrupt -- all because they can't afford the care they need,” said January Contreras. "Arizonans deserve insurance they can afford, no matter their age, zip code, or health issues from asthma to cancer. It's not too late for Brnovich to remove Arizona from this reckless lawsuit. Our state government should be working for Arizonans, not against them.”


January Contreras is a former Deputy County Attorney, Assistant Attorney General, and non-profit executive. She’s running for Attorney General to bring accountability and transparency back to our government, and to put the safety, financial security, and well-being of Arizonans first.

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